County Rejects ACLU Threats

San Andreas, CA—A small community in Northern California has voted to reaffirm a resolution honoring a faith-based pregnancy center in the face of ACLU threats.
The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors had originally adopted a resolution commending the Door of Hope ministry for its work with expectant moms facing unplanned pregnancies.  Although counties routinely pass resolutions honoring a wide variety of community groups and members, the American Civil Liberties Union had a hissy and threatened to sue the County.

After Pacific Justice Institute offered to represent the County at no charge in the event of an ACLU lawsuit, supervisors voted 3-2 last week to reaffirm the resolution.  A source close to the decision told PJI that its offer of free legal help and citations of key legal authorities were significant factors in the Board’s decision.
PJI’s chief counsel, Kevin Snider, commented, “The ACLU is simply trying to bully a small county for recognizing the community service of a Christian, pro-life group based upon the specious claim that this resolution unconstitutionally shows a preference for certain religious views.  But a county’s resolution binds no one to a legal code and does not spend one penny from the local treasury.  It is highly unlikely that such a threatening letter would have been sent by the ACLU if the Board of Supervisors had recognized a Humanist organization promoting euthanasia.”
Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “We commend Supervisor Darren Spellman for leading the way in pushing back against the ACLU, and we are gratified that our involvement made a difference.  We will continue to work with the County to defeat any frivolous lawsuit the ACLU might bring.  We want to ensure that no community has to face down these legal bullies alone.”

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