Churches, Schools, and Ministries Urged to Oppose New Moral Conduct Mandates

Sacramento, CA–Pacific Justice Institute is raising fresh concerns about a legislative measure that aims to limit the moral expectations of religious employers. 
PJI is reaching out to churches, schools, and other ministries across California to warn them about Assembly Bill (AB) 569.  The bill seeks to eliminate the discretion of employers—and particularly religious organizations—to let so-called reproductive health decisions affect employment.  In practical terms, that means a pro-life church, school, or ministry would no longer be permitted to require that employees live consistently with the organization’s mission. 

AB 569 overwhelmingly passed the Assembly by a 54-17 margin and is now in the Senate.  Concerned citizens should contact their Senators and request personal meetings to express opposition.  Ministry leaders should also contact Pacific Justice Institute for possible representation.              
Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, commented, “State-mandated hypocrisy is as illogical as it is unconstitutional.  In communicating our fundamental values like the sanctity of life, both the message and messenger matter.  We shouldn’t listen to people who don’t practice what they preach, and we shouldn’t be required to employ them, either.”         
Similar measures are now popping up in other parts of the country.  A local ordinance with some of the same mandates as AB 569 was adopted in St. Louis, Missouri, and is now being challenged in court by Catholic groups and employers.