California Supreme Court Denies Rehearing and Stay of Gay Marriages

San Francisco, CA – The California Supreme Court today denied requests to stay its gay marriage ruling until the November election. The Court also denied requests to rehear the case. The Court’s ruling makes clear that its previous ruling will become final at 5:00 p.m. on June 16. Gay couples will then be able to legally marry.

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, had the following reaction, “The stakes are now even higher for the Protect Marriage Initiative in November. To date, the California Supreme Court has refused to respect the will of the people. In November, the people will have an opportunity to respond.”

Just days ago, California’s Secretary of State confirmed that the Protect Marriage Initiative will appear on the November ballot. The initiative language is identical to the traditional marriage definition of Prop. 22, which was struck down by the state Supreme Court; however, this time the initiative is a state constitutional amendment, which would be much more difficult for the Court to overturn.

In light of the Court’s rulings, Pacific Justice Institute is communicating with pastors and churches throughout California to mobilize support for the Protect Marriage Initiative and to ensure that churches are legally protected as they continue to promote Biblical marriage.