CA School Bathroom Bill Meets Next Hurdle

pacific justice institute Press release about CA School Bathroom Bill

Sacramento, CA–The California State Senate Education Committee is scheduled to decide on the fate of Assembly Bill 1266—dubbed “The School Bathroom Bill”—tomorrow, June 12, at 9:00 a.m. in room 4203 of the State Capitol. AB 1266 aims to require all public schools to allow gender confused youth to use facilities—including bathrooms and locker rooms—, participate in sex-segregated activities, and play on sports teams of the opposite sex based solely on their perceived “gender identity” and not their biological sex.

In reference to the near party-line vote that passed the bill in the Assembly, Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute said, “AB 1266 is a prime example of legislators in the Assembly either not reading what they are voting on, or being too afraid to fall out of line with their party. Even the most liberal politician should see that allowing boys and girls as young as five, or as astute as seventeen, to be able to pick and choose which gender’s bathroom to use is outrageous.”

In addition to opening the opposite-sex bathroom doors to all students, AB 1266 does not allow for any review process, and ultimately ties the school administrators’ hands when students wish to use and abuse this law.

A PJI attorney plans to attend and speak at the hearing, and will be available immediately following the hearing for interviews.

Stay alert for a PJI e-mail update tomorrow. After the hearing, PJI will bring you the outcome.

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