BREAKING: Statement From Brad Dacus on Today’s SCOTUS Ruling

Washington, DC–“Today, in a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court issued a strong reminder to officials  at every level of federal, state, and local governments that the first freedom set forth in the Bill of Rights—religious freedom—continues to be a bedrock of our constitutional order that cannot easily be swept aside by the sexual revolution.  Much work remains to be done, and today’s decision does not guarantee that every conscientious objector will win his or her case regarding same-sex marriage or similar conflicts.  It does, though, send a sharp rebuke to politicians and bureaucrats who have denigrated religious beliefs in the last few years when they get in the way of LGBT advancement.  We expect today’s decision to have immediate implications for a number of clients we are currently representing and issues with which we are closely involved, from churches battling a local ordinance in Wisconsin, to a fired professor in Southern California, to an anti-counseling bill now pending in the California Legislature.  Our attorneys will be carefully analyzing the majority, concurring and dissenting opinions to assess their full impacts.”