BREAKING: LA County’s New Stay-at-Home Order Exempts Churches

Los Angeles, CA—Los Angeles County issued a new stay-at-home order taking effect today that clearly protects faith-based services from being shut down.

The County’s Department of Public Health once again prohibits all public and private gatherings and events with individuals not from the same household and asks all individuals to remain in their homes as much as possible. However, the Department of Public Health made firm exemptions for faith-based services and protests, stating that those types of gatherings “are constitutionally protected rights.” 

The County’s health order, which is less restrictive than Governor Gavin Newsom’s statewide shutdown in March, remains in effect from November 30 to December 20.

“We are immensely relieved that LA County recognizes the value of safely gathering in places of worship,” commented Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute. “We commend the County’s Department of Public Health in this game-changing decision to uphold religious rights for the most populous county in the nation.” 


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