Bill Aims to Increase Parents’ Involvement in Schools

Sacramento, CA – As school districts face huge budget gaps, a recently-introduced bill in the California legislature aims to build parent-school partnerships by reducing tension and increasing communication in several areas that have often led to conflict.

The bill, AB 1348, is sponsored by Assemblyman Allan Mansoor. It requires both involvement and oversight by parents in four areas: mental health screenings and testing of students; facilitation of confidential medical services for minors; instruction in comprehensive sex education; and surveys, tests and questionnaires that affect familial privacy.

Pacific Justice Institute has sent a letter of official support for AB 1348 to the legislative committee considering the bill. The letter points to numerous studies confirming that parental involvement is crucial to students’ academic achievement and social adjustment. PJI Chief Counsel Kevin Snider, who wrote the letter and has studied the bill, commented, “We believe this bill carefully balances the concerns we are hearing from educators seeking greater parental involvement at school with parents who want to avoid being blindsided by instruction or services that may clash with their values. For this reason, we are optimistic that this bill can attract bipartisan support.”

Pacific Justice Institute has long advocated for increased parental notification and consent statutes, while strongly encouraging parents to build positive relationships with teachers and school officials by volunteering in the classroom and serving on school committees.

Parents should call their legislators to urge support for AB 1348. The bill’s content and status can be viewed at