Are Students Losing Interest in the Day of Silence?

Sacramento, CA – As the annual pro-gay “Day of Silence” descends on schools across the country this Friday, some pro-family advocates are questioning whether it may be losing steam and prompting LGBT activists to push for more coerced attention to their cause.

A few years ago, attorneys with Pacific Justice Institute represented scores of students in the Sacramento area who were suspended for peacefully expressing counter views on the Day of Silence. Last year, a legal demand letter from PJI caused a high school in Springfield, Oregon, to back off similar threats of suspension against a student who wanted to express support for traditional marriage.

Overall, though, PJI attorneys are seeing lessened student interest in the Day of Silence. As a result, some school administrators are doing more to promote the event–which has always billed itself as a student protest—and silence opposition. LGBT activists also seem to be moving away from voluntary events like the Day of Silence to mandates like SB 48, which requires the promotion of LGBT inpiduals in history and social science classes, beginning this year.

“LGBT activists have proved they can’t win in the marketplace of ideas, so they’re looking for government subsidies and mandated acceptance,” noted Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute. “If we can just keep free speech alive in America and overturn heavy-handed mandates like SB 48, we can win the battle for the hearts and minds of the next generation.”

PJI will be monitoring this year’s Day of Silence to ensure that students are not pressured into participating or punished for expressing alternative views. PJI is also behind the CLASS Act initiative (find more information about this at and The initiative is now within the final 90 days of signature gathering. Office volunteers are currently needed in Sacramento and Southern California to assist in sorting the CLASS Act petitions that are being received.