Church Finds Its Voice – FAQs

3Frequently Asked Questions

1- Where do I get my county’s voter registration forms?

Most voter registration forms are found at your Secretary of State Website. If you cannot find them on their website, you can simply search online or you can contact us and we would like to help you get registered to vote by sending you the website!


2- Do you provide voter guides?

There is one voter guide that we recommend everyone to use:


3- How do I set up a voter registration table in my church?

Tell your pastor about the need to put a voter registration in the church’s entrance/somewhere visible to everyone.
Once the table is set, order resources to be put on the table such as voter registration forms, voter guides, American flag pins, and other flyers related to candidates running in your community.

Have a link or QR Code ready for the voter registration website just in case if people need a digital copy.

Keep in mind that we are nonpartisan and merely voting for candidates with biblical values!


4- What events will you be establishing? 

We will be having Town Hall meetings in churches that collaborate with us and have church engagement offices.

For more information, please fill out the contact form and we will be reaching out to you as soon as possible!