The Church Finds Its Voice: Esther and Civic Stewardship

When it comes to being civically engaged, we need to come back to what the word of God says regarding civic engagement and how to apply it in our lives. 

Some may say they don’t want to be involved in Politics, voting, watching the news, protesting, etc. But is that the right thing to do? Is that what God would want us to do? Is that what Esther did during her time in Persia? Let’s take a look.


First, let’s dive into God’s word in Esther Chapters 1-10 and see what is happening in those chapters. 


Read Esther 1-10  


Esther engaged in civic stewardship by using her position as queen to advocate for her people, the Jews, who were facing a threat of extermination. When she learned of the plot to destroy her people, she risked her own life by approaching the king without being summoned, which was a punishable offense. She organized a series of banquets to gain the king’s favor and then revealed the plot to him, exposing the evil intentions of Haman, the king’s advisor. Through her bravery and strategic actions, Esther was able to save her people from destruction and ensure their safety. Her example shows the importance of using one’s influence and position to protect and advocate for the well-being of others.


Imagine if Esther chose not to intercede and said “I don’t really get involved in things like this”, “I am too scared”, “I’d rather risk other people’s lives than my own”. Are those Godly statements and do they show compassion, love, and care for her people? Absolutely not.


In John 16:33, Jesus says  “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” This verse reminds us that as followers of Jesus, we will face difficulties and challenges in life. However, we can find peace and take heart knowing that Jesus has overcome the world and is with us in our trials. He offers us comfort and strength to navigate through the hardships we encounter.


Esther was definitely scared to go to the King and take a step of courage and that’s normal. It’s okay to be afraid and be discouraged about everything going on in the world today. But take heart! And hold on to God more and more and steward what He has given you wisely. We can either choose to act biblically (in this case, engage in civic stewardship) or choose not to act at all. Which one will you choose today?