​Public Evangelism Q&A

Preach IT! What You Need to Know About Legal Rights for Public Evangelism

Each year, Pacific Justice Institute receives many inquiries about free speech rights, often in the context of open-air preaching, tract distribution, evangelism at malls, evangelism in and around schools, sidewalk counseling at abortion clinics, and many similar venues. We have successfully defended a number of students who were disciplined for sharing their faith, preachers who were arrested, and others who were initially silenced. While there are hundreds of court cases and examples that would be relevant for a complete discussion of all these issues, we’ve prepared this brief summary, in the form of common questions and answers, to share some of what we’ve learned in more than 20 years of defending public evangelism and provide a starting point for understanding your evangelistic rights. If you need more than what is provided here (see disclaimer at the bottom of this document), contact us through our website, www.PJI.org, for assistance and possible representation.



Evangelism Q&A