Church Resources

Church Resources

Pacific Justice Institute works diligently to support churches, church leaders and their members by providing crucial resources to help preserve their mission and protect their rights to share their faith in the workplace, at school, and in their communities. Brad Dacus, founder and president of Pacific Justice Institute is available to speak on the following topics – all free of charge!



One of the most emerging strengths in the world of the American Church we’ve ever seen.

The Church Finds Its Voice is a coalition of Faith Wins, the Pacific Justice Institute, Lindsey Communications and the Lindsey Foundation. In addition, roughly 75 other conservative organizations Stand With our alliance to disseminate monthly information that helps churches across the country.  Formed in 2020, the Church Finds Its Voice was formed to raise up the voice of the Church to once again be the most powerful influence in our country’s affairs.



– New Laws Impacting Churches
– Churches & Politics: Protecting Nonprofit Status
– Expanding Church Facilities – RLUIPA
– Legal Financial Expansion and Tax Law
– Moral Issues and Church Employees
– How to Protect your Church in Today’s Changing Culture
– Building Public School Trust in the Community
– Evangelism to the Public Square
– Faith in the Workplace
– Sermon: Our Destiny (2 Timothy 3-4)


If you like to update your church community with the above topics, please contact us to arrange a speech with PJI’s President Brad Dacus!

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Cal Baptist University

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    • Non profit

      We are fully funded by our generous supporters, and we work hard to bring the most effective, quality legal expertise to churches with issues such as taxation, land use and zoning issues, or help with bylaws and other policies.

    • Resources for Churches!

      We provide churches with valuable resources for leadership and members to legally share their faith.

    • Dedicated Attorneys!

      Thanks to our dedicated attorneys, we defend the rights of countless individuals, families & churches without charge.


    • Pacific Justice Institute was successful in helping this church to stay in their building.

    • Mercy Way Rescue ministers to the rural poor in the mountain community of Placerville, California. The city’s planning commission recently denied their conditional use permit application. Pacific Justice Institute has stepped in to fight to keep it open.

    • “Pacific Justice Institute is providing an important service to the people of our country by defending our constitutional right to freedom of religious expression. The institute fills a critical need on the West Coast for those whose civil liberties are threatened.”

      -Former USA Attorney General, Edwin Meese-