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One News Now: Judge stops city from forcing LBGT agenda on churches

WND: City slapped down for forcing churches to bow to LGBT agenda

One News Now: Let the Christmas celebrations begin unfettered!

WND: Company pays workers to attend Bible study, gets sued

WND: Prof wins fight over ‘dangerous’ view – marriage

One News Now: PJI helps CA professor win back his job

One News Now: Parents needed in fight against radical LGBT agenda in schools

One News Now: CA church wins court dispute over property tax

One News Now: PJI representing CA church over tax demand

One News Now: Prayers answered, for now – ‘Must Stay Gay’ bill shelved

One News Now: On that note, music teacher sues school

One News Now: Union stakes are ‘very, very high’

One News Now: No religious exemption under pro-LGBT legislation

One News Now: PJI sues school that sided with transgender

One News Now: Bible studies prevail over Calif. homeowners assoc.

One News Now: PJI helps seniors win Bible study lawsuit

One News Now: Bills die after homeschooling families come to life

One News Now: Honor for teacher who read transgender book to kindergarteners

One News Now: PJI claims city imposing Orwellian ordinance

One News Now: Dacus: Anti-faith ordinance ‘the tip of the spear’

One News Now: Something new on campus: Access to chemical abortions

One News Now: Death laws ‘a new area of law’

One News Now: CA reacts to Turpin horror with state-approved ‘values’

One News Now: Court sides with fireman fired for his faith

One News Now: Soviet-style persecution follows preacher to U.S.

TBN: Brad Dacus appears on Huckabee

One News Now: Gideons got the boot but students still got rights


One News Now: Christians, Conservatives Join Forces To Expose SPLC

Forward: Anti-Circumcision Activists Are Making More Noise. Will They Make A Difference?

One News Now: Conservatives To Take Over Liberal 9th Circuit?

TruNews: Christian, Conservative Groups Taking On SPLC

NRB: Christian, Conservative Groups Unite To Expose Southern Poverty Law Center

One News Now: PJI Wants High Court To Rule On ‘Loudness’ Law

WND: Supremes Consider Speech Ban Targeting Only Prolifers

LifeNews: City Tries To Shut Down Pro-Life Pastor Who Yelled So Loudly He Disrupted Abortions

One News Now: Don’t Even Approve Of A Prayer, Warns GA School District

One News Now: Bathroom Cameras A Dilemma For School, Parents

San Francisco Chronicle: Power Broker’s Involvement In S.F. Pot Club Hits Resistance

The Christian Times: Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Case Challenging California Law That Requires Pregnancy Centers To Promote Abortion

One News Now: DOJ Helps Christian Who Fled China

Lifesite News: BREAKING: Supreme Court To Hear Case Against California Law Forcing Pro-Life Centers To Advertise Abortion

NPR: Supreme Court Takes On Case About Free Speech And Abortion

The Heartland Institute: Dozens Of Children Disenrolled From School Over Gender Presentations

WND: School ‘Violates Student Privacy’ With Sex Survey

One News Now: And The Winner Is . . . The Surrogacy Industry

One News Now: Calif. Gov. Giving Mixed Messages Over Freedoms

Christian Times: California Governor Vetoes Bill Aimed At Prohibiting Religious Employers From Firing Workers Who Seek Abortions

WND: Stunner! California Governor Protects Religious Institutions

One News Now: PJI Sues CA City Over Church Tax

One News Now: Parents Bolt From School Over Pro-Transgender Policy

Newsmax: California’s Gender Pronoun Law Can Make You A Criminal, Get You Jailed

WND: Christian Congregation Sues City Over Getting Taxed

One News Now: Left-Wing San Francisco Turns Down Pot Plans

The New American: 1984 Today: View The Wrong Website, Get 15 Years In Prison

WND: California Adopts ‘Bordello’ Plan For Long-Term Care Centers

KOVR CBS 13 (Sacrament): Elementary Student Faces Prosecution, Suspension After Missing School To See Solar Eclipse

The Bay City Beacon: This Week In City Hall 10/6

SF Gate: SF Supes Quash Plan For Cannabis Club In Sunset After Emotional Hearing

Met Media: Westminster Speaks Against Conversion Therapy

Sacramento Bee: Rocklin School Board Retains Policy That Allowed Transgender Book In Kindergarten Class

LifeSite News: California School Board Won’t Let Kids Opt Out Of Transgender Lessons

Sacramento Bee: Rocklin Charter Schools OK Transgender Books In Elementary School

One News Now: Mythology Lesson Creates A Chance For Ministry

One News Now: Attorney: ‘Good Sense’ Prevails In Sin City Court

Get Religion: Think Tank Names To Know When Following Those Red-Hot Courtroom Battles On Religion

One News Now: Advice to Christians: Don’t Be Intimidated By Atheists

​WND: Prosecutors Give Up ‘Ridiculous’ Case Against Street Preacher

NRB: Conservative Leaders Release Open Letter To News Media Regarding Southern Poverty Law Center

WND: 47 Big-Name Conservatives Warn Media On SPLC’s ‘Hit List’

Carolina Coast Online: Editorial: Moving $$ Offshore

Liberty News Now: Corrupt Liberal Hate Group Caught Moving Millions To Offshore Bank Accounts

The Washington Free Beacon: Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions In Cash To Offshore Entities

World Magazine: Fighting Words: Ministry Sues Over ‘Hate Group’ Label

One News Now: Calif. Attempting ‘Tyranny On The Highest Level’

The Christian Post: The Southern Poverty Law Center Is The Most Dangerous Hate Group In The Country

WND: SPLC: The Most Dangerous Hate Group In America

Canada Free Press: SPLC Labels AFA Conference ‘Hate Group’

CBN: Kindergarteners Scared They Will Be ‘Turned Into Boys’ After School’s Transgender Celebration

Daily Mail: ‘My Daughter Came Home Crying Afraid She’d Turn Into A Boy’

Christian Daily: CNN Draws Flak For Publishing ‘Hate Group’ Map Which Includes Christian Organizations

The Gospel Herald: Kindergarten Children ‘Traumatized’ After Teacher Conducts Transgender ‘Transition Ceremony’ For Student

WND: Kindergarten Boy ‘Instantly Turns Into Girl’ At School

​The Christian Times: CNN Publishes Map Of ‘Hate Groups’ That Lumps Christian Organizations With KKK

One News Now: ‘Fake News’ Turns To Fake Hate After Charlottesville

Townhall: CNN Publishes Fake Hate List—Targeting Well Known Christian Groups

The Washington Times: Mainstream Conservative Groups Alarmed To Be Found On ‘Hate Map’

CBN News: CNN Publishes Map Of ‘Hate Groups,’ Which Include Christian Orgs

City Journal: Provocateur Journalism

The Pathway: Blue River-KC Hosting Religious Liberty, Liability Worship

KTXL (Sacramento): Transgender Kindergarten Lesson Has Rocklin Parents Split

Home Town Source: ‘In God We Trust’ Motto Adopted By Princeton City Council

​One News Now: CA Proposes Lower Passing Score For Bar

Get Religion: Christian Legal Organizations Get The Editorial Shaft

One News Now: Children, Law Being Tossed Aside To Oblige Pot Sales

Deseret News: Serving God By Suing Others: Inside The Christian Conservative Legal Movement

One News Now: Prayer Banned At Graduation After Atheists Complain

KTVU (SF Bay Area): Some Opponents Determined To Keep Pot Dispensary Out Of Sunset District

East Bay Times: Jean Quan, Husband, Given Green Light To Open SF Medical Pot Shop

WND: SPLC: You’re A Christian? You’re A Hater

KPBS: Neither Male Nor Female: ‘Nonbinary’ People See Hope In California Bill

WND: Planned Parenthood Branch Won’t Escape Lawsuit By Shutting Down

Normangee Star: Ruling On Travel Ban Step Toward Restoring Separation Of Powers

One News Now: PJI Asks SCOTUS To Hear CA Pro-Life Case

KCRA (Sacramento): Fear, Concern And Confusion: Sacramento-Area Muslims React To Travel Ban Ruling

One News Now: First They Came For The Hated ‘Hate Group’

Liberty Headlines: Calif. Legislation Imposes Employment Mandates On Religious Orgs; Passes Assembly

Daily Republic: Declaring June As LGBT Pride Month Goes Before Vaca Council

The Cardinal Newman Society: Supreme Court Protects Pension Plans Of Religious Schools, Colleges

WND: Left-Wing Smear Group Scourched As “Enemy Of Free Speech”

One News Now: Christian Flees Persecution; Court Downplays It

The Christian Post: Christian Fleeing Religious Persecution Sues U.S. Court For Denying Him Asylum

One News Now: Wash. Court To Hear Case Of Squelched Religious Speech

The Daily Caller: Obama Admin Blocked A Christian Fleeing Persecution. Now He’s Suing The Gov’t

Patch (Detroit): Detroit Genital Mutilation Case New Territory For 1st Amendment

The Press-Enterprise: Appeal Filed Over Prayer At Chino Valley Unified School Board Meetings

Detroit Free Press: Religious Defense Planned In Landmark Detroit Genital Mutilation Case

One News Now: Atheists Pounce On School-Sponsored Bible Club

WND: Judge: Homeowners’ Board May Owe Christians Punitive Damages

One News Now: Fighting A ‘Heckler’s Veto’ For The Right To Meet

The Mercury News: Cambrian School Board Approves Controversial New Sex-Ed Curriculum

Daily Bulletin: Chino Valley Unified Files Appeal In Prayer Lawsuit

Law 360: Justices Won’t Hear Row Over Gay Conversion Therapy Ban

The Christian Post: Christian Firefighter Heads To Court After Claiming He Was Fired For Sharing His Faith

The Mercury News: Let’s Talk About Sex: School District Attempt To Navigate New State Law

CBN: Christian Firefighter, Axed For Sharing His Faith, Now Heading To WA High Court

The Fresno Bee: ‘In God We Trust’ To Be Put Into Council Chamber

The Mercury News: Cambrian Park Families Weigh In On Sex-Ed Curriculum Controversy

Lifesite News: Supreme Court Uphold Ban Of ‘Sexual Orientation Change Efforts’ For Kids

One News Now: Challengers To Therapy Ban Not Giving Up

Opposing Views: Court Refuses Case Against ‘Gay Conversion’ Therapy Ban

WND: California Playing Devious Trick With ‘Religious Freedom’

The Daily Caller: Lawyer: Religious Freedom Doesn’t Apply To FGM

One News Now: Challengers To Therapy Ban Not Giving Up

The San Diego Union Tribune: Supreme Court Won’t Review San Diego Minister’s Lawsuit Against Gay Therapy Ban

The Christian Post: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Ban On ‘Gay Conversion’ Therapy

PBS Newshour: Supreme Court Turns Away Challenge To California Ban On ‘Gay Conversion’ Therapy

Patch (Culver City): Supreme Court Refuses To Review Culver City Man’s Lawsuit Against ‘Gay Conversion’ Ban

Metroweekly: Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To California Conversion Therapy Ban

One News Now: San Diego: Islam Is Awesome And We Are Its Prophet

Uinta County Herald: Eliminating Hate; The Quest For Truth

One News Now: Making Medicine A Lethal Weapon

KPCC (AirTalk): Justice Gorsuch Hears Major SCOTUS Case On Church-State Separation

WND: California Plans To ‘Strangle Voices Of Conscience’ On Abortion

Orange County Breeze: Brad Dacus Speaks On Religious Freedom And Parental Rights

One News Now: PJI, Parents Block Sexually Explicit Materials

KPCC: New California Bill Raises Questions About Employees’ Reproductive Rights

WND: They’ll Have A ‘Gay’ Old Time: ‘Bordellos’ Now In Nursing Homes?

Tulsa Beacon: Editorial: California Law Facilitates Abortion

Courthouse News: Child Deceased, Court Dismisses Life-Support Lawsuit 

The Daily Caller: California Bill Forces Transgender Bathrooms Into Nursing Homes

License To Parent: How To Defend Your Parental Rights With Insight From Brad Dacus

Lifesite News: California LGBTQ Bill Could Force Grandma To Share A Room With Gender-Confused Man In Care Center

One News Now: CA Pro-Lifers Demand Right To Remain Silent

The Christian Institute: Elderly Put At Risk By LGBT Nursing Home Bill

KTVU (Fox 2, San Francisco): Anti-Maijuana Groups Say Dispensaries Aren’t Being Vetted Properly

One News Now: Planned Parenthood Being Unneighborly

One News Now: Experts Wary Of Punishing Anti-Semitic Campus Speech

WND: Abortionists’ Meddling Causes Prolifers To Lose Lease

One News Now: Will Court-Friendly Travel Ban Help Christians, Too?

Life News: Supreme Court Will Decide If States Can Force Pregnancy Centers To Promote Abortion

One News Now: CA Tells Pro-Lifers To Promote Death

Truths that Transform: The Rise Of Tyranny (Video)

San Francisco Chronicle: Conservative Applause, Activist Anger Over Trump’s Transgender Rollback

One News Now: Revoking Of Obama’s Bathroom Edict Draws Praise

The Mercury News: Transgender California Veteran Settles Lawsuit Over Denied Haircut

NRB Today: Todd Starnes Releases New Book: The Deplorables’ Guide To Making America Great Again

WND: Sessions’ Move On Transgender Bathrooms Praised

CBN News: Will Supreme Court Let Counsellors Offer ‘Biblical Truth Spoken In Love?’

Christian News Network: U.S. Supreme Court Asked To Hear Appeal Over Ban On Helping Youth Struggling With Homosexuality

One News Now: FFRF Case ‘Intolerance On Steroids’

One News Now: California Dreamin’ That They Can Get Away

One News Now: CA Uphold Counseling Reporting Law

One News Now: Senior Residents Regain Right To Hold Bible Study

WND: Supremes Face Bombshell: Law Censoring Christian Counsellors

Pregnancy Help News: California ‘Bully Bill’ May Be Heading To Supreme Court, Challenging State’s Hit On Pregnancy Centers

One News Now: PJI Asks High Court To Review CA Case

One News Now: Get Ready, Parents For ‘Healthy Achievement’ Test


The Gospel Herald: Christian Church Services In Barn Resume In California After Religious Ban

One News Now: Calif. County Ended Church Services, Now Allows Them

One News Now: Attorney: Schools Can Push Back Atheist Threats

CBN: States Fight Over Abortion Bill Mandate

Northern California Record: Supreme Court To Determine Pension Laws For Religious-Affiliated Hospitals

The Randolph County Herald Tribune: Religious News: Teacher Comes Under Fire For ‘Bring Your Bible To School Day’ Promotion

WND: Judge Catches Liberals Going ‘Both Ways’ In Abortion Case

One News Now: Middle School Coach Under Fire For Taking A Knee

WND: Scientists Wins Hard Cash Over Soft Tissue From Dinosaurs

One News Now: Teacher Under Fire For ‘Bible Day’ Invitation

Catholic Online: FFRF Attacks Teacher Who Allows Students To Bring Their Bibles To School

Merced Sun-Star: Chowchilla Council Votes To Display ‘In God We Trust’ Sign

One News Now: CA School Board Caves To ‘Bully’ Atheist Group

One News Now: Calif. Voters Repeal English Immersion, Hurt Students

Christian News Network: California School Board Votes To Place Limits On Christian Prayer

One News Now: ‘Trans’ Bathroom Case On SCOTUS Docket

The Christian Times: Conservative Coalition Tells Californians To Oppose Proposition Legalizing Marijuana

The Gospel Herald: Conservative Coalition Urging Californians To Vote Against ‘Disastrous’ Proposition Legalizing Marijuana

One News Now: Something You May Not Have Known About October

The Gospel Herald: Biologist Fired For Questioning Evolution Received Financial Settlement

Christian Today: Scientist Wins Court Case After Getting Fired For Challenging Evolution

Sacramento Bee: California Reproductive Clinics Must Inform Clients About Abortion

One News Now: ‘Irresponsible’ Bathroom Ruling Imperils Kids

Daily Mail: San Francisco Park’s Open Air Urinal To Stay

Washington Times: Judge Rejects Lawsuit Waged Over Open-Air Urinal In San Francisco Park

Bay City News (Via KRON 4): Lawsuit Seeking Removal Of Dolores Park Open-Air Urinal Dismissed

Christian News Network: Christian Scientist Fired For Challenging Evolution Awarded Financial Settlement

News With Views: Churches Forced To Open Bathrooms To Transgenders

Convene (Podcast): Can I Be A Christian Company?

Convene (Podcast): Legally Living Your Faith In Your Company

AFA Journal: LGBT Indoctrination Forced On Young Kids

That’s What’s Up Radio With Terry Lowry (Podcast): October is LGBTQ Month In America

iWork3Him (Podcast): The Election and Its Meaning For Religious Freedom

One News Now: It’s Okay: Pastors, Churches, CAN Be ‘Political’

One News Now: PJI: Free Speech Ends Where 9-11 Memorial Began

Tulsa Beacon: Editorial: Judges Rule Against Free Speech

Tulsa Beacon: Editorial: Urination Mess In San Francisco

One News Now: The Foot Ball Field Is No Place For Patriotism

Christian Today: U.S. Appeals Court Junks Pastor’s Challenge To California Gay Conversion Therapy Law

Washington Post: ‘He’s Gone’: Anger, Grief As Plug Is Pulled On Toddler After Sudden Court Decision

Breitbart News: California Court Declares It’s Illegal For Pastors To Advise Minors About Gay, Transgender Feelings

Courthouse News Service: Gay Conversion Therapy Upheld By 9th Circ.

Christian Examiner: California Appeals Court Upholds Prohibition Of ‘Sexual Orientation Change Efforts’

Associated Press (via Lincoln Journal Star): County To Display ‘In God We Trust’ In Courthouse

Church Militant: California: No Converting Gays Or Transgenders

Sioux City Journal: Northeast Nebraska County To Add ‘In God We Trust’ In Courthous

One News Now: No-Counseling Ruling Hit By Hopkins Study

Sacramento: Brain-Dead Toddler Taken Off Life Support In Los Angeles

West Law News (via Reuters): 9th Circuit Upholds California Ban On Sexual Orientation Therapy For Minors

The Recorder: Calif.’s ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban Upheld In Ninth Circuit

Christian News Network: California Pregnancy Center Agrees To Comply With Law Requiring Provision Of Abortion Info

One News Now: Mr. Pepperdine Rolls Over In His Grave

One News Now: CA Senator Amends Bill But Insists On List

Issues in Education (Radio): Serious Threat To Religious Freedom

One News Now: California Colleges: LGBT In, Minorities Out

National Right To Life News: Lawmakers In California Are Using Their Political Muscle To Benefit Big Abortion

Onalaska Holmen Courier-Life: City Reaches For Perspective Regarding Proposed PILOT Ordinance

WND: School District Tries ‘Homeschooling Illegal” Ploys

One News Now: No Limit To Impact Of Pro-LGBT Overhaul Of History

Life News: This California City Just Completely Banned Ads From Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

One News Now: Street-Corner Preaching Safer Now In SD County

CNS News: California Soon To Be First State To Teach LGBT History In Public Schools

Breitbart: California: 1st State To Teach LGBT Curriculum—To Second Graders

One News Now: Time Running Out For Christian Colleges In California

Sacramento Bee: LGBT History Lessons Heading For California Classrooms

Sacramento Bee: Brain-Dead Toddler Could Return To U.S. Next Week After Central America Treatment

Biblical Recorder: Pregnancy Center Free Speech Case Considered

Religious Liberty TV: Analysis: Amended Version Of SB 1146 Passes CA Assembly Judiciary

One News Now: Religious Protections On The Brink In California

Life News: Pregnancy Center Will Defy New California Law Forcing Centers To Promote Abortion

Record Searchlight: Redding Pregnancy Clinic Won’t Refer For Abortion Services

Courthouse News: Minister Tests Ban On Gay-Conversion Therapy

SF Chronicle: State Ban On Gay Conversion Therapy Challenged Again

National Right to Life News Today: California Bully Bill Challenged In U.S. 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals

One News Now: An Edict From D.C. May Become Law In CA

Lifesite News: Toddler Saved From Life-Support Removal At Last Moment Showing Signs Of Improvement, Says Family

One News Now: PJI Watching Barber’s CA Case

Baptist Press: Court Blocks Hospital’s Attempt To End Toddler’s Life Support

Sacramento Bee: Brain Dead: Why Diagnosis Is So Troubling, Confusing

One News Now: Forced Diversity Gets Administrators An F

American Media Institute: Bathroom Break: Designers Create New Generation Of Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Lifesite News: Toddler Spared As He’s Airlifted Out Of Hospital That Wanted To Remove His Life Support

Fox News: Toddler Declared Brain Dead Moves Hospitals, Attorney Says

Sacramento Bee: Brain-Dead Toddler Airlifted From Sacramento To Foreign Country

Courthouse News: Brain-Dead Child Moved Out Of USA

Sacramento Bee: Brain-Dead Vacaville Toddler Leaves U.S. For Treatment, Attorney Says (VIDEO)

WND: Judge Rules In California’s Open Bathroom Fight

Charisma News: Effort To Overturn California’s ‘Bathroom Bill’ Takes Step Forward 

WORLD Magazine: Court Blocks California Hospital’s Attempt To End Toddler’s Life Support

One News Now: Fate Of Child In Hands Of 9th Circuit

Fox News (Associated Press): Court Grants Additional Time On Life Support For Toddler

KOAA (Southern Colorado): Statute Change And Lawsuit Shape Gender Identity Policy In Colorado Schools

Breitbart: Hillary Clinton Endorses Obama’s Decree On Transgender Bathrooms, Gender Identity

Sacramento Bee: Brain-Dead Toddler’s Family Files Appeal To Prevent Ventilator Removal

Life Site News: Toddler’s Family Still Seeking New Hospital As Doctors Could Remove Live Support Friday

Breitbart: Obama Forces All Schools To Create Transgender-Ready, Mixed-Sex Bathrooms, Locker Rooms 

Sacramento Bee: Judge Rejects Parents’ Bid To Keep Brain-Dead Vacaville Toddler On Indefinite Life Support

The News Tribune: Judge Rejects Parents’ Plea To Keep Brain-Dead Son On Life Support

Washington Post: ‘God Is Telling Me Not To Let Go’: A Mother Fights To Keep Her 2-Year-Old On Life Support

Breitbart: Parents Sue Obama Over Illinois School’s Pro-Transgender Bathroom Rules

Life Site News: Judge Gives Toddler Two More Weeks Before Hospital Removes Life Support

Courthouse News: Kaiser Ordered To Keep Infant Hooked Up For Now

Life News: Hospital Calls Baby Israel “Brain Dead,” But Videos Show Him Reacting To His Mother’s Voice

One News Now: Bathroom Confusion Gaining Momentum

Courthouse News: Kaiser To Keep Brain-Dead Child Alive For Now

One News Now: Life Wins Out Over Money … But For How Long?

Sacramento Bee: Brain-Dead Child’s Parents Fight To Keep Him On Ventilator At Kaiser Roseville

Courthouse News Service: Mom Disputes Kaiser’s ‘Brain Dead’ Diagnosis

Life Site News: Judge Gives Parents Brief Reprieve From Hospital Removing Toddler’s Life Support Against Their Wishes

Life News: Restraining Order Temporarily Stops Hospital From Killing 2-Year-Old By Yanking His Life Support

Breitbart: Transgender, Gay Groups Say Federal Officials Should Ban Single-Sex Bathrooms In All K-12 Schools

Christian Post: Chinese Christian Union Sues San Francisco Over Public Open Air Urinal

One News Now: PJI Sues San Francisco Over Public Urinal 

CBS News: Religious Group Sues San Francisco Over Open-Air Urinal

Courthouse News Service: Public Park Pissoir Stirs Up San Francisco

WND: San Fran Whiz Kids Sued Over Open-Air Urination

Christianity Daily: Judge Rules Reinstating Cross In LA County Seal Is Unconstitutional

Charisma News: Christian Civil Liberties Group Urges This County To Appeal Federal Lawsuit

One News How: Historic Mission Must Be Cross-Less, L.A. Judge Rules

Washington Times: Cross Ordered Off Los Angeles County Seal

WND: Demand That Pro-Life Centers Advertise Abortion Defeated

Let’s Talk With Mark Elfstrand: Brad Dacus (Radio Interview)

The Daily Astoria: In One Ear: Taking ‘The High Road’

One News Now: The Government Is Your Friend, Now Let Us In!

WND: ‘Houstong 5’ To N.C.: ‘Corporate Terror’ Will Never Prevail

LA Times: Open-Air Urinal In San Francisco Park Has No Designs On Privacy

One News Now: FCA Shut Down, Then Returns To School

One News Now: L.A. Church Wins Zoning Battle

Compton Herald: Court Decision Allows Ventura Homeless Ministry To Continue

The Blaze: School Board’s Defiant Response To Judge’s Ruling That Prayers And Bible Readings Are ‘Unconstitutional’ 

One News Now: Battling For CPCs’ Right To Stay True To Purpose

Christian Post: California Pro-LGBT Bill Aims To Impose Travel Ban To 21 States That Have Religious Freedom Laws

Daily Bulletin: Chino Valley Unified Hires Law Firm To Appeal No-Prayer Ruling

Christian Post: Calif. School Board Fights Back After Judge Jesus Bans Prayers; Votes 3-2 To Appeal

The Sun: Chino Valley Unified Hires Law Firm To Appeal No-Prayer Ruling

Daily Bulletin: Chino Valley Unified To Appeal Ruling On Praying

One News Now: A Fine Line Between Anti-Bullying And Bullying

WND: California Tries To ‘Bully’ 21 States Into Accepting LGBT Agenda

Christian Today: California Judge Sides With Atheists In Stopping Public School District From Reciting Prayer At Meetings

One News Now: District’s Condom Plan On Hold For Now

One News Now: NY School Scolded For Participating In ‘Hijab Day’

Newsmax: San Diego Gives In, Allows ‘Founding Fathers’ In City Correspondence

LA Times: San Diego Rejects Political Correctness, Embracing The Term ‘Founding Father’

CS Monitor: Is It OK To Celebrate Our ‘Founding Fathers’ On This Presidents Day?

Daily Mail: Mayor Forced To Retract City’s Language Guide That Claims The Phrase ‘Founding Fathers’ Is Gender-Biased

WND: San Diego Walks Back Ban On ‘Founding Fathers’

One News Now: ‘Bias-Free Language’ Directive Scrapped

News Busters: San Diego Bans ‘Biased’ Phrase ‘Founding Fathers’; Media Ignore

San Diego Union Tribune: San Diego To Allow ‘Founding Fathers’ In City Communications

The Blaze: San Diego Barred City Workers From Using The Phrase ‘Founding Fathers’—Now Things Have Changed

San Diego Union Tribune: San Diego’s War Against ‘Founding Fathers’ 

Fox News (Todd Starnes): San Diego Declares War On Our Founding Fathers And Men Too

New York Times: Pregnancy Clinics Fight For Right To Deny Abortion Information

Info Wars (Video): San Diego Plan To Ban The Term “Founding Fathers” Thwarted

News 96.5 WDBO: Group To Sue San Francisco Over Open-Air Urinal

Christian Day: U.S. Mayor Scraps New Rule Banning ‘Founding Father’ In Official Reports

Fox News (Video): Citizens Outraged Over San Francisco’s Open-Air Urinal

Fox News: San Diego Backs Off Ban Of ‘Gender-Biased’ Term ‘Founding Fathers’

Fox News: ‘New Low:’ Group Threatens San Fran With Suit Over $15G Open-Air Urinal

Fox News (Video): San Francisco Park Ads Public Urinal

WND: Major U.S. City Now Banishes ‘Founding Fathers

SF Examiner: Conservative Group Threatens To Sue SF Over Outdoor Urinal

CBS SF Bay Area: Group Demands Outdoor Urinal At SF’s Dolores Park Be Removed

FOX 2 (SF Bay Area): SF Dolores Park’s Infamous Open-Air Urinal May Be Subject To Lawsuit

AP News (Via LA Times): Open-Air Urinals In S.F. Park ‘Disgusting’ Critics Say

One News Now: A Semi-Private Idea That’s 100 Percent San Francisco

Bay City News: Lawsuit Threatened Over Dolores Park Urinal

EdSource: State Sends Mixed Messages On Smarter Balanced Test Participation

Daily Republic: Planned Parenthood Worried About Wrong Pro-Life Group, Attorney Says

Herald and News: County To Display ‘In God We Trust’ Motto

One News Now: Obama Discovers ‘Religious Freedom’ In Baltimore

ABC 7 (SF Bay Area): Lawsuit Filed To Get Rid Of Open Air Urinal In San Francisco’s Dolores Park

SF Gate: Lawmaker Pushes For “All-Gender” Restrooms

Western Journalism: Mandated Speech Precludes Freedom Of Faith

Tulsa Beacon: Brad Dacus At GoWorkPlan

One News Now: Liberal Values Required To Receive Teacher’s Certificate

WND: New Ruling Forces Pro-Life Clinics To Push Abortion

Lawyer Herald: Appeals Court Upholds California Abortion-Information Act

CNS News: Pro-Life California Pregnancy Centers Must Provide Abortion Information Or Face Fines

IWork4Him: Radio Show Interviewing Brad Dacus (Audio Only)


One News Now: State Officials File Court Briefs Over Transgender Teen

Capital Public Radio: Pregnancy Centers Must Comply With Abortion Information Law

One News Now: Decision Time For Pro-Life Clinics In Calif.

FOX News: Child Vaccine Mandate, Minimum Wage Hikes And More Taking Effect Next Year

California Healthline: Federal Judge Upholds California Reproductive Health Info Law

Record Searchlight: Pro-life Clinics Denied Injunctive Relief

The Blaze: Judge Upholds California Law Forcing Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to Post Signs Informing Clients Where They Can Obtain Abortion Service:

Breatbart: Federal Judges OK Law Requiring Pregnancy Centers To Inform About Abortion

Associated Press (via Lexington Herald Leader): Judge Upholds Requiring Abortion Notice At Pregnancy Centers

SF Gate: Judge Rules Against Attempts To Block Law On Antiabortion Clinics

Christian News Network: Judges Refuse To Stop Law Ordering Pregnancy Centers To Provide Info On Gov’t Abortion Programs

Pregnancy Help News: Judges Turn Away Two Injunctions To Halt California Bully Bill

Sacramento Bee: Sacramento Judge Rules Crisis Pregnancy Centers Must Post Abortion Notice

Life News: Judges Refuse To Stop New California Law Making Pregnancy Centers Promote Abortion

Western Journalism: CA Judge Issues All-Out Attack On Pro-Lifers With THIS Disgusting Ruling

Lifesite News: Third Lawsuit Filed Against Anti-Life California Law

The Guardsman: Sex Ed Now Mandatory In State Schools

Sacramento Bee: Battle Over Abortion Rights In California Shifts To Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Hi-Desert Star: Importance Of Prayer Highlighted At Breakfast

Renew America: Unjust New Abortion Law In California

One News Now: Forcing Pro-Life Clinics To Promote Abortion?

Courthouse News Service: Clinics Seek Reprieve From Abortion Info Law

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One News Now: Reaction To Flag Lawsuit: Government’s Job To Protect Free Speech, Not Oppose It

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The Press-Enterprise: Lake Elsinore: Judge Halts Memorial Planned For The Diamond

Ballot News: The Tuesday Count: Effort To Repeal CA Transgender Law Fails

SF Gate (SF Chronicle): Transgender Law’s Foes Won’t Concede Defeat

WND: New Hanky Panky For Transgender Bathrooms

Daily Caller: Opponents Of California’s Choose-Your-Own-Bathroom Law Fail To Put Referendum On Ballot

Bakersfield Now: Bakersfield Transgender Teen Weighs In On Law, Repeal Effort

LA Times: Measure To Block Transgender Student Law Fails To Make Ballot

SF Gate (SF Chronicle): Referendum Challenging Transgender Rights Law Fails To Make Ballot

AP News (Via ABC): Transgender Rights Repeal Misses California Ballot

Placer County Online: Co-Ed Bathroom Challenge Not Over, Group Says

The Press-Enterprise: TRANSGENDER STUDENT RIGHTS: Repeal Effort Falls Short

The Pueblo Chieftain: School Repairs On Fast-Track

WND: IRS Bull’s-Eye Included Tax-Exempt Groups

MLive: Ann Arbor Schools Exploring New Policies For Transgender Students

WND: IRS Smoking Gun Awakens Sleeping Giant

Christian Post: Maine Now Among States That Allow Boys To Use Girls’ Bathrooms

One News Now: Poster In Middle School Includes Graphic Sexual References

Christian News Network: Christian Legal Group Appeals California’s Ban On Helping Homosexual Youth To U.S. Supreme Court

Christian News Network: Christian Legal Group May Sue After Hospital Refuses To Lift Ban On ‘God Bless America’ in Email

Christian News Network: Maine Supreme Court Rules School Discriminated Against Boy In Denying Use Of Girls’ Restroom

One News Now: Attorneys Vow Legal Fight Over ‘Conversion Therapy’ Law After Injunction Gets Reversed

Baptist Press: Gay Therapy Ban’s Next Stop: SCOTUS

Life Site News: Maine High Court Orders School To Open Girls’ Restrooms To Transgendered Boy

WND: 9th Circuit Ignores Precedent, Change-Therapy Ban Stands

One News Now: Embracing Gender Neutral Policies Destroys Privacy

Forbes: Obama Administration Weak On Church State Separation? Clergy Housing Allowance Appeal?

SF Gate (SF Chronicle): Transgender Student Rights Law Triggers Sharp Divide

One News Now: Veteran’s Job Threatened For Seeking Legal Counsel

One News Now: It’s Privacy Rights Vs. Transgender Rights In Colo. School

Christian News Network: Christian Legal Group Proposes New Policy To Protect Girls From Boy Using Women’s Restroom

The Gazette (Colorado): Transgender Student Prompts Group To Ask Colorado School To Alter Restroom Policy

WND: Judges Asked To Stop Christie’s Meddling In Therapy

KMGH ABC 7 (Denver): New Policy For Transgender Student Reviewed In Florence Penrose School District

Canon City Daily Record: Florence-Penrose School District Receives Draft Policy Regarding Transgender

EdSource: Counting Must Continue For Transgender Student Law Repeal Effort

SF Chronicle: Bid To Repeal Transgender-Student Law Falling Short

WND: Critics Of California ‘Bathroom Bill’ Win Round

One News Now: Signatures Delay Controversial Calif. Law

Washington Times (Editorial): Lunacy In The Loo

Santa Maria Times: Signatures Tallied Tomorrow To Overturn Transgender Law

KPCC (Audio): Should Individual States Still Be Able To Decide On Same-Sex Marriages?

Washington Times: Transgender ‘Bathroom Law’ Gets 5,000 More Signatures

CBN: CA Must Count Petition Challenging Transgender Law

Visalia Times Delta: Tulare County Signatures Will Be Counted Toward Referendum

U.S. News & World Report: California Transgender Student Law Could Go To A Vote

Bakersfield Now: Student Transgender Law May Be Halted Early

San Benito County Today: Signatures Put A Hold On Co-ed Bathroom Bill

Capital Public Radio (Sacramento): Divisions Persist As New Calif. Transgender Law Takes Effect

WND: Judge Flushes “Bathroom Bill” Election Trick

LA Times: State Ordered To Count More Signatures In Transgender Law Petition

American Bar Association Journal: 1st Amendment At Issue In Ban On Gay-Conversion Therapy For Minors


(Due to the age of these links, some may not still be active pages)

Washington Times: California Transgender Student Law Could Quickly Face Challenge

Press Enterprise: Transgender Rights: New Law Challenged

One News Now: Calif. Families Warned Transgender Bathroom Law Just Days Away

ABC-7 (San Francisco): West Contra Costa Prepares For New Transgender Law

Standard-Examiner: Churches Change Bylaws On Marriage For Fear Of Lawsuits From Gay Couples

WND: State Accused Of Bending Rules For ‘Bathroom Bill’

One News Now: Attorneys File Suit In CA Over ‘Bathroom Bill’ Signatures

U-T San Diego: Lawsuit Filed Over Transgender Law Referendum Effort

Albuquerque Journal: Same-sex Marriage Ruling Cites Religious Freedom

U-T San Diego: Lawsuit Filed Over Transgender Law Referendum

The Right Scoop: Ugh: Boy Allowed In Girls’ Bathroom At School – Victims Respond

KOVR (Sacramento): School District Approves New Policy Protecting Transgender Students

Sacramento Bee: Sacramento City Unified Trustees To Consider Transgender Policy

Baptist Press: Ministry In ‘New Marriage Culture’ Examined

Fox News, Neil Cavuto Show (VIDEO): County Bans Employee From Talking Negatively About Obamacare

World News Magazine: Worker Says Boss Told Her To Keep Anti-Obamacare Opinions Quiet

One News Now: Employee’s Anti-Obamacare Comments Land Her In Hot Water With Boss

Examiner: Goodbye Free Speech: California County Censors Worker For Criticizing Obamacare

The Daily Caller: Police State: County Censors Government Employee Who Dares Criticize Obamacare

BizPac Review: County Worker Browbeaten, Reprimanded For Criticizing Obamacare

Examiner: Santa Clara County Bans Criticism Of Obamacare

WND: County Office Bans Criticism Of Obamacare

The Aggie: Opponents Of Transgender Student Bill Seek Referendum

Napa Valley Register: Yountville Council Delays Church Vote

KCRA (Sacramento): Sacramento Business Owner Hopes Birth Control Mandate Lifted

Napa Valley Register: Yountville Church Expansion Plan Raises Complex Legal Debate

The Pueblo Chieftain: Transgender Issue Before Florence School Board

One News Now: CA Hospital Backtracks, Sort Of, On Punished ‘God Bless America’ Employee

ChicoER: Orchard Church Feeding To Continue In Chico, Move To City Hall

Washington Times – Communities: ‘Common Core’ Curriculums Turn Classrooms Into Cultural Battlefields

Christian News Network: Hospital Restores Pay To Punished Veteran, Reiterates Ban On ‘God Bless America’ In Signature

Christian Post: Veteran Suspended From Job For Writing ‘God Bless America’ In Email

BizPac Review: Army Vet Put On Leave Over ‘God Bless America’ Email Signature

The Blaze: 20-Year Army Vet Gets Shocking Notice From Employer Just Before Veterans Day

KERO (Bakersfield): California Veteran Suspended From Hospital Job For Using ‘God Bless America’ In Email Signature

KCRA (Sacramento): ‘God Bless America’ Gets Veteran In Hot Water With Employer

WND: Vet Suspended For ‘God Bless America’

Christian News Network: Military Veteran Put On Leave For Having ‘God Bless America’ In Email Signature

The Bakersfield Californian: Local Activists Working Toward Repeal Of Transgender Law

Chico News & Review: Food Handout In Jeopardy

WND: Record Number Want ‘Bathroom Bill’ Killed

Charisma News: The Hoax That Was Too Close For Comfort

Capital Public Radio: Voters May Decide California Transgender Law

BizPac Review: Pro-Transgender Bathroom Policy Is No Joke To Distraught Parents

Rolling Stone: Growing Battle Over Transgender Student Rights In California

The Pueblo Chieftain: Transgender Issue Rocks Florence High

One News Now: Listen Up, California: Colorado School Girls Told They Have No Privacy Rights

ABC 23 (Bakersfield): Group Petition For Referendum On Calif. Transgender Bathroom Bill

O’Reilly Factor (Video): Colorado High School Transgender Case (Story Starts At Two Minutes)

Christian News Network: Christian Legal Group Demands Colorado School Protect Girls From Boy Using Women’s’ Restroom

World News Magazine: Opponents Hope To Flush California’s Unisex School Bathroom Bill

Life Site News: ‘Transgender’ Boy Accused Of Harassing Girls In The Restroom At Colorado School: School Denies

SF Gate: Opponents Start Ballot Effort To Dump Transgender Law

Examiner: No Protection For Female Students Harassed By Transgender Student

DailyMail (UK): Girls ‘Harassed’ In School Bathroom By Transgender Student Told His Rights Trump Their Privacy

BizPac Review: School Says Transgender Boy’s Rights Trump Girls’ Privacy In Bathroom

CBN: No Recourse For Girls Harassed By Transgender Students

CBN: Sex Politics – CA Schools Not ‘Interested in Education’

CBN: Calif. Law Allows More Than Two Legal Parents

Wetpaint: New California Law Allows Kids More Than Two Legal Parents

Washington Times: California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill To Allow Children More Than 2 Parents

LA Times: Brown Signs Bill To Allow Children More Than Two Parents

One News Now: Legal Group Warns About Explicit Content Advertising ‘LGBT History Month’

Press Enterprise (Lake Elsinore): Vets Memorial Decision In Judge’s Hand

WND: Parents Warned About Porn In Schools

CBN: Group – LGBT Month Promoting Gay Porn To Kids

The Gospel Herald: Conservative Coalition Pushes Referendum Against AB1266 California’s Transgender Student’s Rights Bill

The Gospel Herald: AB1266 – Pro-Family Coalition Fights To Repeal California’s Transgender ‘Co-Ed’ Bathroom Bill

Press-Enterprise (Lake Elsinore): Trial Starts Over Proposed Vets Memorial

Patch (Lake Elsinore): Federal Court Trial Gets Underway Over Religious Symbols in Lake Elsinore

Examiner: Pacific Justice Institute Challenges Forced Atheism In Kansas Public Schools

Washington Times: Bill Aims To Shield Religious Freedoms From Taxman

One News Now: PJI Making Progress For Families In California

Examiner: SB 323, ‘The Anti-Boy Scouts Bill’, Placed On Inactive File In CA Assembly

KOVR (Sacramento): Affordable Care Act Could Remove Drug Rehab Cost Barriers

WORLD Magazine: California Shelves Anti-Boy Scout Bill

Washington Times: California Sidelines Anti-Scouts Bill

Press Telegram: Bill Targeting Tax-Exempt Status of Boy Scouts Fails To Attract Enough Votes

WND: Law Banning Sex-Change Therapy Challenged

Tehachapi News: Much Unknown About New State Transgender Law For Schools

One News Now: California Kids’ Safety, Privacy May Not Be In Jeopardy

Washington Times: Appeals Court Back Calif. Gay Conversion Ban

The Independent (UK): US Federal Judges Uphold California Ban On Mental Health Professionals Trying To Reverse Homosexuality In Minors

NY Times: Law Banning ‘Gay Cure’ Is Upheld in California

KPBS: Federal Court Upholds California Law Barring Gay Conversion Therapy

LA Times: Ban On Therapy To ‘Convert’ Gay Minors Upheld

WORLD Magazine: 9th Circuit – Christian Counselors Can’t Offer ‘Quack Medicine’

San Jose Mercury News: California Gay Conversion Therapy Ban Upheld

SF Chronicle: Court – State Ban On Gay Therapy Is Constitutional

Press-Telegram: Boy Scouts May Lose Tax-Exempt Status In State As Bill Heads To Vote

One News Now: Coalition Forms In California To Overturn ‘Bathroom Bill’ Via Referendum

Washington Times: California Trying To Strike Out Tax-Exempt Status For Little League, ‘Discriminatory’ Groups

AP News (Via GoUpstate): Some Churches Worry About Being Sued By Gay Couples

The Bakersfield Californian: School, Parents Work Through Practicalities Of New Transgender Law

The New American: Christie Signs Law Banning Minors From Therapy For Same-Sex Attraction

One News Now: NJ’s Ban On ‘Gay Conversion’ Therapy To Face Legal Challenges

One News Now: Fallout From Calif. ‘Transgender Bathroom Bill’ Begins

NJ Today: Christie Signs Law Banning “Conversion Therapy” For Children

LA Times: Conservatives Target Law On Transgender Students

ABC 23 (Bakersfield): Parental Checklist Created in Response To School Transgender Law

AP News: Lawmaker Pulls Son From Class Over Transgender Law

CBN: Gender Insanity? Calif. Transgender Bill Now Law

Pacific Sun: Bill Protects Transgender Kids At School

CalWatchdog: Gov. Brown Signs Gender Bathroom Bill

Baptist Press: FIRST PERSON – The Perils Of Transgender Bathrooms

KRMG (Tulsa, OK): New Law Allows Transgendered Students Choose To Which Bathroom, Locker Room They Use

One News Now: Stage Set For Molestations, Privacy Violations In Calif. Schools

Catholic World News: California Enacts Transgender Student Legislation

Medical Daily: California’s Transgender Student Bill Signed By Gov. Brown: State Becomes First To Legislate Certain Rights For Transgender K-12 Students

Christian News Network: California Considers Punishing Youth Groups Against Homosexuality As ‘Bathroom Bill’ Becomes Law

Washington Times: California Enacts Nation’s First Law Protecting Transgender Students

KQED: Gov. Brown Signs Transgender Student RIghts Bill

Capital Public Radio: Capitol Roundup – Brown SIgns Transgender School Bill (Audio)

KOVR (Sacramento): Implementation Of California’s New Transgender Student Law Still In The Air (Video)

CBS News: California Law Lets Transgender Students Choose Restrooms, Sports Teams

LA Times: Transgender Students Now Able To Use Preferred Bathroom In School

Fox News Radio (Todd Starnes): California Governor Signs Transgender Bathroom Bill

AP News: Calif. Governor Signs Transgender-Student Bill

San Jose Mercury News: California Law Protecting K-12 Transgender Students Gets Mixed Response

LA Times: California Transgender Students Given Access To Opposite-Sex Programs

KCRA (Sacramento): Opponents Of Bill For Transgender Students Deliver Petitions (Video)

KFBK (Sacramento): Petitions Delivered To Governor To Stop AB1266

The New American: Gay Couple Suing To Force U.K. Churches To Host Same-Sex Weddings

WORLD Magazine: New Jersey Conversion Therapy Ban Awaits Christies’ Decision

KQED: Proposed Law Would Require School Support For Transgender Students (Audio)

OC Register: Bill Requires School Support For Transgender Students

WND: ‘Gays’ To Sue Church To Perform ‘Marriage’ Ceremonies

Patch (Lake Elsinore-Wildomar): Lawyer Argues Lake Elsinore’s Proposed Veterans Monument Is Not Religious

KCRA 3 (Sacramento): Transgender Student Delivers Petitions To Gov. Brown

KOVR 13 (Sacramento): Manteca Teen Advocates For Transgender Bill

WND: ‘Kids, Don’t Forget To Make Your Gender Choice’

One News Now: Feds Force DIstrict To Accommodate Transgender Student

Breitbart: CA Bill Allowing Boys To Use Girls’ Shower, Locker Rooms Based On ‘Gender Identity’ Awaits Gov.’s Signature

Press Enterprise, Lake Elsinore: Judge Blocks Vets Memorial At Stadium

NBC Los Angeles: Proponents, Opponents Of Transgender Bill Await Governor’s Decision

WORLD Magazine: California Legislature Approves Transgender Bathroom Bill

JURIST: True Marriage Equality In California?

LB Press Telegram: Attorney: California Ballot Measure System May Be Weaker After Prop. 8 Ruling

KXTV News 10: Prop 8 Decision Leaves Voters Anxious

CBN News: Humanists Sue Calif. City Over War Memorial Cross

One News Now: Gender-Swapping ‘Bathroom Bill’ Passes Senate Committee In California

CBN News: California Gender Bending Bills Target Young People

Courthouse News Service: Humanists Challenge City’s Religious Memorial

One News Now: Atheist Group Sues California City Over Planned War Monument

Fox News: Humanists Sue Over War Memorial

Patch: Lake Elsinore’s ‘Religious Symbolism” Lawsuit Being Defended Pro Bono By PJI

Examiner: California Senate Passes Bill Threatening The Tax-Exempt Status Of Youth Groups

CBN News: About Face: Boy Can Sing ‘God’ Song in Talent Show

The Christian Post: Kindergartner Allowed To Perform Christian Song At School Talent Show After Lawyers Intervene

One News Now: Defense Of Student’s Religious Speech Wins Out

WND Education: State Ordering Girls’ Locker Rooms Open To Boys

CBS13 (KOVR): Assembly Bill Would Allow Transgender Students To Use Facilities They Identify With

Baptist Press: Calif. OKs Bill Allowing Boys In Girls’ Bathroom

CNS News: California Bill Would Allow Students To Use Bathrooms ‘Consistent With His Or Her Gender Identity’

World News: Court Questions Compelling Interest For Gay Therapy Ban

Baptist Press: Calif. Bill Would Allow Boys In Girls’ Restrooms

Christian News Network: California ‘Bathroom Bill’ Mandating Schools To Allow Boys In Girls’ Restrooms Approved By Assembly 9th Circuit Likely To Uphold Ban On Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’

ABC News: California Law Banning Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’ Challenged On Free Speech Grounds

NY Times: California Law Banning ‘Gay Conversion’ Therapy Gets Day In Court

Washington Times: Law On Sex Orientation Therapy For Youths Heads To Court

LA Times: California Lawmakers Threaten To Strip Scouts Of Tax Exemption

WORLD: California Wields Tax Hammer To Bludgeon Boy Scouts

AP News (KomoNews): California Tax Bill Seeks To Punish Scouts For Gay Ban

Charisma Magazine: When God Returns To Capitol Hill

U~T San Diego: Gender Identity Laws Vs. Religious Freedom

WND: Website Tracking California’s ‘Gender Insanity’

Instant Analysis: Equipping Parents To Take On ‘Insanity’ In The Golden State

WND: Marriage Protesters Clash Over America’s Future

One News Now: Radio Host: The Left Is Right On DOMA … But For The Wrong Reason

WND: Marriage ‘Defenders’ Accused Of ‘Sabotage

CBS Sacramento: Pres. Obama To Urge U.S. Supreme Court To Overturn Gay Marriage Ban

CBS Los Angeles: Prop 8 Debate Heats Up Again After President Asks Court To Overturn The Ban

Christian News Network: California Bill Seeks To Punish Boy Scouts For Prohibiting Homosexual Leaders, Members

WORLD: California Lawmaker Hopes Tax Bill Will Break Boy Scouts

One News Now: ‘Crucial’ Cases Coming Up Re: Traditional Marriage

Christian News Network: Church Elder Threatened With Arrest for Sharing Faith in California Mall Files Suit

California Catholic Daily: Visalia Mall Sued For Threatening Arrest – Local Elder Tried To Share Faith

One News Now: Evangelical Shoppers Unwelcome

One News Now: Discovery Park—Where Ministry Needs A Permit

Sacramento Bee: Homeless Advocates Object To Sacramento County’s Plan For Parkway Permits

KERO ABC 23: Visalia Mall Sued After Threatening Arrest For Religious Speech

Visalia Times-Delta: Visalia Mall Sued After Threatening Arrest For Religious Speech

One News Now: City Protects Church’s Ministry

Mountain Democrat: Mercy Way Rescue OK’d

WND Faith: City Lets Church Minister To Homeless

The Record Searchlight (Redding): In Leafleting Case, Redding Council Could Appeal To Supreme Court

2012 Archives

(Due to the age of these links, some may not still be active pages)

Examiner: Court Says City Of Redding, California Must Honor Constitution At Library

Washington Times (Commentary by President Brad Dacus): Pushing Back Against California’s Homosexual Counseling Law

The Record Searchlight (Redding): Court Partially Upholds Ruling In Leafleting Case

World Magazine: Mixed Rulings On Lawsuits Against California’s Gay Therapy Ban

NY Times: Clashing Rulings Complicate Path Of Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’ Law

LA Times: Judge Blocks Ban On Gay ‘Conversion’ Therapy

AP News: Judge Temporarily Blocks Calif. Gay Therapy Law

One News Now: PJI Holding Federal Attorneys Accountable

One News Now: Judge Sides With City’s Ban On Speech

CBS 2 LA: US Supreme Court To Discuss Prop 8 Friday

KQED: Speier Attack ‘Gay Conversion’ Therapy

WND: Ethics Complaint Targets U.S. Attorney On ‘Gay’ Marriage Case

National Catholic Register: Plaintiffs Seek to Block California Law Banning ‘Reparative Therapy’ for Minors

WND: Plan Promotes Protection For Pedophiles

North County Times: Vets Memorial Design Approved With Cross, Star

North County Times: Vets Memorial Back Before Council

One News Now: “Conversion Therapy” Ban Catching On

Catholic News Agency: Calif. Gay Therapy Ban Imposes ‘State Orthodoxy,’ Foes Charge

Christian Post: Opponents Of California’s Reparative Therapy Law Request Injunction

North County Times: Panel Stands Behind Veterans Memorial Design

One News Now: Hoping To Halt ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban

Sacramento Bee: Free-Speech Debate In Roseville School District

One News Now: Union Workers Have A Choice

Christian Post: PJI Files Santa Monica Christmas Display Lawsuit

One News Now: Fight For Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Ongoing

Christian Post: Fla. City Drops Case Against Family’s In-Home Prayer Meetings

LA Times: Lawsuit In Federal Court Seeks To Block Law Banning Gay ‘Conversion’ Therapy

NBC News: Lawsuit Seeks To Block California Ban On ‘Gay Cure’ Therapy For Children

BBC: California Band Teenage Gay Conversion Therapy

Reuters: Lawsuit Challenges California Ban On Gay Conversion Therapy For Youth

CBS News: Christian Group Files Suit To Stop Gay Therapy Ban

ABC News: Student Who Got ‘Gay Cure’ Sues California Over New Law

KPCC: Is Banning Gay Conversion Therapy Legal?

CNN: ‘Gay Cure’ Therapists, ‘Cured’ Student Sue California Over New Law

One News Now: LGBT Community ‘Rewriting History’ For Propaganda

The Record Searchlight: Court Hears Redding Leafleting Case

BYU Daily Universe: PJI Seeks Sanctions Against 33 DOJ Attorneys

One News Now: Professor Right To Question ‘Gay’ Studies Program

Citizen Link: Florida Town Threatens Family Over Bible Studies

The New American: Florida Family Targeted By Community Over Home Bible Study

The Blaze: Roessiger Family Faces Fines For Home Bible Studies

FOX News Radio: Family Faces Fines For Hosting Bible Study

KEYT News: Actress Lobbies For Gay Rights (Video)

One News Now: State Still At Odds With Parental Rights

Baptist Press: Calif. Bill Would Ban Therapy For Gay Teens

WWSB ABC7: Religious Sign Causing A Stir In Venice

Citizen Link: Home Bible Study May Be Fined (Audio)

One News Now: DOJ Attorneys Called Out For Turning On “We The People”


WND: Punishment Sought For Attorneys Who Abandon DOMA

Fox News: California Law Barring Parents From ‘Curing’ Gay Children Moves Through Legislature

Sonoran News: In Silicon Valley, PJI Warns City Council: Don’t Mess With Chick-fil-A