Naomi Bang

Volunteer Attorney - Texas

Naomi Jiyoung Bang graduated from Georgetown University with a Masters in Foreign Service School and Juris Doctor in the mid 1980’s, after completing her undergraduate studies at Northwestern University.  She started her practice at two national law firms in DC, and then became a federal prosecutor at the US Attorney’s Office.  She moved to Texas in the 2000’s, where she created a federal litigation department at a global immigration law firm based in Houston.  Ms. Bang also worked as a clinical law professor supervising students in human trafficking litigation, and taught a federal immigration litigation course as an adjunct.  Over the past decade, she has published several articles on corporate liability/human trafficking litigation in several law school journals. During the course of her career, she also worked on several overseas rule of law advocacy projects for USAID.  She is/was licensed in DC, NJ, NY, PA, and TX. She is the mother of two beautiful children and gratefully serves as the Texas affiliate for PJI.

“Being able to learn from and fight alongside the dedicated lawyers at PJI is humbling for me.  I am honored to be part of the PJI team, and I pray that God will use all my past legal and personal experiences – both victories and losses – for His Glory in fighting for His Kingdom.”